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Paediatric Physiotherapy Service

Long Term Conditions

We work with many children and young people with long term conditions, many of them permanent since birth or soon after.

Long Term Conditions

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We work with many children and young people with long term conditions -many of them permanent since birth or soon after. Conditions include Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and other neurological and neuromuscular conditions. Not everyone has a diagnosis and in physiotherapy we use a problem-solving, goal-orientated approach to helping everyone reach their full potential.

Below are some resources and information that may be helpful to children, young people and their families who are living with long term conditions.


Local Offer Birmingham

Here you can find help, advice and information about the local services available for children and young people with a special educational need or disability.  


Standing Frames

Does your child use a standing frame? Here’s a leaflet from the APCP.


Serial Casting

Serial casting is a technique used by physiotherapists to give a prolonged stretch to the calf muscle, which can reduce pain, improve standing and walking ability, and in the long-term, prevent surgery to release the tight muscle. It involves applying a series of plaster casts over a number of weeks to immobilise the ankle joint with the muscle in a stretched position. One or both legs may be cast.



Postural Care

Postural care is about supporting and protecting your child’s body shape. Children with movement difficulties are more at risk of developing changes to their body shape over time. Postural care aims to use the right positioning and the right equipment to help protect and maintain body shape and alignment. 


Down Syndrome
For families with children with Down Syndrome here is a useful resource from APCP:

Do More Study

A study helping children and young people with disabilities to move more.



Charities that may be able to provide support and help fund equipment/other needs:

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