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A-Z of services

Access to Communication and Technology (ACT)Works with people with complex disabilities to develop ways to help them communicate and interact with their environment assisted by the use of electronic equipment. 
Amputee Service including prostheticsThe regional amputee service which includes prosthetics
Assessment and TreatmentA multidisciplinary outpatient service for the assessment and treatment of older people on an outpatient basis.
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) NursingOffers support and training to children, families and education staff relating to the management of ADHD.
BCHC Plus BCHC Plus is a portfolio of additional clinical services from BCHC that can be purchased by schools and other settings to supplement core service provision. Part of the children and families division.
Birmingham Community NutritionThe Birmingham Community Nutrition provides a range of free services including adult and child weight management clinics, nutrition support and enteral feeding, healthy eating promotion, specialist diabetes, family support, school and early years sessions.
Birmingham Neurological Rehabilitation TeamProvides a short-term community based rehabilitation programme for adults with neurological problems, working towards community re-integration (e.g. accessing leisure/ education facilities).
Brain injury - Moor Green Outpatient Clinic 
Brain Injury Specialist Clinic (BISC)Provides assessment and advice for adults with an acquired brain injury (ABI) including strokes and traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Child Development CentresCentres based in communities across Birmingham offering specialist services and support for disabled children, carers and special schools.
Child Respite CareThe Turtles Short Breaks (respite care) at Edgewood Road provides respite nursing care for children and young adults aged from five to 18 years with chronic illness or disability.
Children and Young People's Speech and Language TherapyThe Children's Speech and Language Therapy Department provides a citywide service to children and young people with communication difficulties.
Children in CareMakes sure networks are formed and kept with agencies concerned with the health and wellbeing of looked after children in the care of the local authority.
Children's Rapid ResponseThe children's rapid response team comprises professionals with extended experience in caring for children with complex healthcare needs.
Chronic Kidney DiseaseThe service provides management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) where kidney function is moderately or severely reduced. Services offered include patient and professional education.
Clinical Measurements Laboratory (CML)The Clinical Measurements Laboratory is a multidisciplinary measurement and analysis facility with a focus on clinical gait analysis.
Community Children's Nursing and Palliative Care TeamProvides highly skilled nursing care for children with acute and chronic health needs within their own home.
Community NursesProvides a specialist therapeutic nursing service to adults with learning disabilities who have additional complex health needs.
Community Paediatric PhysiotherapyCommunity Paediatric Physiotherapists work with children, families and carers in order to enable the child to reach their full potential by maximising function and independence and promoting normal movement; aiming to prevent or limit contractures and deformity, and thereby improve quality of life.
Community PaediatriciansA team of doctors specialising in child health and offering high quality services centred on the child and family.
Community Stroke ServicePart of Adults and Community division, the community stroke service is delivered in E&N and C&W Birmingham.
Complex Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist ClinicThe Complex Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist Clinic.
ContinenceRuns community bladder and bowel clinics and also provides support, advice and assessment of individual needs.
Coronary Heart DiseaseProvides a community heart failure service, a family-based coronary disease prevention and rehabilitation programme and traditional cardiac rehabilitation.
DementiaInformation and support on dementia for patients and carers?
Dental HospitalOur dental services are provided at Birmingham Dental Hospital and across the West Midlands in clinic settings, and in people's homes.
Dental ServicesThe Dental Services for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust including the Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry, as well as Special Care Dentistry, Community Orthodontic Service and the Community Paediatric Dental Service.
DiabetesThe diabetes service offers a comprehensive service for adults with diabetes including group education sessions.
District NursingThis service provides round-the-clock nursing care to a wide range of patients in domiciliary settings, 365 days a year.
Early Intervention Community TeamEarly Intervention is a 'one stop' shop providing urgent health and social assessment, treatment and care for people in their own home. The service is available to anyone 17 years and over. 
Edgewood Road Respite Service (Turtles Short Breaks at Edgewood Road)The Respite Care Unit at Edgewood Road provides respite nursing care for children aged five to 18 with chronic illness or disability. In addition, we provide day care for pre-school children with similar needs. It is the only NHS unit in Birmingham which caters for children with health needs.
Equality, Diversity and Human RightsEquality, Diversity and Human Rights
Falls PreventionA?specialist service to reduce the volume and severity of injuries among elderly people as a result of falls.
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)Used widely in rehabilitation for therapy, function restoration and maintenance of vital function in muscle weakness and/or paralysis, FES uses small electrical impulses to activate muscles by exciting the nerves leading to the muscles.
Health Visitor ServiceThe health visitor service is a universal early intervention and prevention service designed to promote family wellbeing, stability and good physical health.
Immunisation Co-ordinatorAims to promote best practice guidelines so that children have access to a standard, clinically effective immunisation service delivered by school health teams across the city.
Immunisation ServiceThe immunisation team delivers routine national childhood immunisations to children at school in Birmingham, and to those that live within Birmingham, offering children protection against disease.
Infant Feeding TeamPart of Children and Families division, the Infant Feeding Team support professionals to promote a supportive environment in which all parents feel able to make informed and positive infant feeding choices.
Inpatient Neurological Rehabilitation UnitProvides specialist assessment and intensive rehabilitation for people with disabilities resulting from neurological conditions.
Inpatient ServicesA range of services delivered in dedicated clinical facilities?in community hospitals and in palliative and intermediate care centres across Birmingham.
Integrated Multidisciplinary TeamsService comprises a wide range of integrated multidisciplinary teams (IMTs), incorporating case management, domiciliary physiotherapy and occupational therapy and community rehabilitation. ?
Intermediate CareProvided for adults requiring short-term interim, rehabilitation and respite care following illness or injury.
Intrathecal Baclofen Specialist ClinicOffers assessment and management of severe and widespread Spasticity for patients with various neurological disorders.
Learning Disability Service Offers a range of services for people with learning disabilities across the city, including social care homes, assessment and treatment services, day and short break services.
Lymphoedema ServiceOffering treatment and support for patients diagnosed with lymphoedema - a swelling of body tissue caused by failure of lymph drainage.
Medical Needs in Early YearsThe Medical Needs in Early Years Service is a city wide service providing training and support for nursery and primary school settings in Birmingham.
Moor Green Out-Patient Brain Injury ServiceMoor Green Out-Patient Brain Injury Service
Moseley Hall HospitalA directory listing of inpatient services and Wards at our community hospitals, including Moseley Hall Hospital.
Multiple Sclerosis ClinicProvides assessment and advice to increase independence and quality of life of adults with multiple sclerosis.
Musculoskeletal physiotherapyFor patients aged 16 years and over, the?musculoskeletal physiotherapy service offers patients across Birmingham a wide range of expert assessment and treatment options such as electrotherapy, manual therapy, exercise prescription, classes such as Pilates and acupuncture as well as...