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Diabetes Service

The diabetes service offers a comprehensive service for adults with diabetes.

The service provides a multidisciplinary team approach, with clinics staffed by Consultant Diabetologists, Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Specialist Diabetes Dietitians.

Under the ‘New Models of Care’ concept the Diabetes Service is also commissioned to provide virtual and face to face clinics – where a Consultant and Diabetes Specialist Nurse attend the GP practice and offer advice, education and management plans for identified patients by the practice.

The service also provides a comprehensive range of structured patient education programmes for patients with Type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Who is it for?

The service’s aim is to offer support to all adults registered with a Birmingham GP who have Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and who have poorly controlled diabetes and are at risk of complications, whether that is due to a raised HbA1c (click here for further explanation of HbA1c), weight management issues, problems with injection sites and injection technique or other diabetes related problems.

Contact Us

Tel: 0121 466 3680
Fax2Mail: 0116 227 3073

Appointments take place at hub clinics which are based across the city. Clinic locations for your appointments will be advised during the booking appointment process, based on nearest availability and waiting times.

Click here to download the referral form for Community Diabetes.

Click here to download the inpatient diabetes referral form.


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Key Services

The team provides highly specialist treatment advice and training in:

consultant lead multidisciplinary diabetes clinics in the community
(please click on the link  to download our diabetes service referral form).

Dietetic session, one to one dietetic consultations. 

Comprehensive diabetes care that includes:

  • insulin and GLP-1 analogues initiation, titration and self-management 
  • insulin pump and Intensive Type 1 reviews 
  • assessment and titration of oral hypoglycaemic agents 
  • flash glucose monitoring initiation via online webinars or one to one appointment.
  • continuous glucose monitoring initiation and monitoring
  • blood glucose monitoring training
  • support to the inpatient diabetes nurses.

Diabetes Home Care Plan

  • DSN support at home for house bound diabetes patients
  • DSN support at Care Homes and Nursing Homes – for individual patient care and education of care home staff

GP/Practice Nurse support through:

  • virtual clinics
  • telephone advice/email advice
  • in-practice teaching
  • GP workshops, Master classes
  • Warwick certificate course

Diabetes Education Programmes

DAFNE (Type 1)

DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) is a five day skills-based structured education patient programme in intensive insulin therapy and self management for people with Type 1 diabetes. This course can be accessed by attending one day a week for five weeks or weekly Monday – Friday, online or face to face.

Patients must have  type 1 diabetes for a least six months, be aged 18 or older, must speak and have a good understanding of English, be willing to inject insulin and test their blood glucose at least 4 times daily, and be comfortable being in a group. DAFNE Pump is also provided for patients with Type 1 diabetes using an Insulin Pump and is accessed weekly, Monday – Friday.


The local X-PERT programme is a six-week group diabetes education programme for patients with Type 2 diabetes. You will learn all about the up-to-date treatments and management of diabetes and will have the opportunity to explore and address problems/issues that you may have with your diabetes. Courses are offered both face to face and online.