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Early Intervention Community Team (EICT)

Who is our community service for?

The Early Intervention Community Team (EICT) is a ‘one stop’ shop that helps people in Birmingham to remain as healthy and independent as possible in their own home. It is available to anybody 17 years of age and over.

It is a partnership between Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Community Healthcare and University Hospitals Birmingham.

How do we help?

People recover better in their homes when the right support is provided. The EICT is a multi-disciplinary team which includes nurses, therapists, social workers and rehabilitation assistants.  They work together as one team to provide urgent health and social assessment, treatment and care for people in their own home. 

The EICT prevents delays in being discharged from hospital and avoids hospital admission in the first place wherever possible.  It also prevents premature admission to long-term residential care and champions independent living at every appropriate opportunity.

The team achieves this by ensuring people receive the right care at the right time, in the right place, with the right professional.

Who can refer into our service?

If you require support from the EICT, you will be referred by your health or social care professional. A member of the team will contact you to arrange a visit to see you at home. Members of the team who visit you will have some information about you but may need to ask extra questions.  A plan of support will be agreed with you to enable you to become as independent as possible to remain in your own home.

The EICT promise to you:

        We will place you at the centre of everything we do

        We will value input from family, friends and carers

        We will support your life and your choices

        We will ask you to repeat your story as few times as possible

        Our first thought is to get you home

How long does the community service support people for?

EICT is a short-term service. If at the end of your plan you have ongoing care and support needs, team members will have a conversation with you to discuss how it connects you to services available in the community and the next steps to assist you to put the ongoing support in place. If there is a charge for ongoing support services, the team will discuss this with you. For more information:

 Therapy App Library

Our Therapy App Library is a collection of apps we recommend to help with your health and wellbeing, or to help you / your relatives and friends to manage their health condition.

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Referrals into the service are accepted by healthcare professionals only - please see referral pack for further information. 

If you have been a patient, service user, carer that has been cared for by the Early Intervention Service, you can give us your feedback using one of the surveys below.

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