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Lymphoedema service

Service operating at reduced capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please refer as normal.

What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is a chronic swelling that can affect anywhere in the body and is due to the failure of lymph drainage. It is essentially an accumulation of lymph in the tissue spaces arising from a congenitally determined abnormality or from damage to the lymphatic structures. It is essentially incurable but major symptoms, namely swelling and cellulitis can be improved and controlled. 

How does lymphoedema occur?

What are the signs and symptoms of lymphoedema?

How is lymphoedema treated?

The role of the lymphoedema specialist

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About Us

The lymphoedema service consists of a team of clinical Nurse Specialists experienced in the prevention, treatment and management of lymphoedema. The service,  which covers all of Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell, provides care for patients in a clinic environment, domiciliary visit or community hospital environment as deemed necessary.

How to refer

Referral to the service should be made by a health professional and uses an agreed standard for triaging referrals and allocating appointments.

Our Vision

The lymphoedema service aims to ensure that every person at risk of or with lymphoedema receives an accurate diagnosis, the correct advice, and optimum level of care.

What do we do?

  • Identify people at risk of or with lymphoedema to ensure that patients receive high quality education and life long care.
  • Empower people at risk of or with lymphoedema to take control of their condition.
  • Work to agreed standards for comprehensive ongoing assessment, planning, education, advice, treatment and monitoring.
  • Provide high quality clinical care for people with cellulitis.
  • Provide compression garments for people with and where warranted at risk of lymphoedema.
  • Refer any people at risk of or with lymphoedema for multi-agency support from health and social services when required.
  • Work in partnership with other health care providers to ensure that all patients’ needs are met.

Contact and Referral

GPs and other professionals wishing to refer to the service should download the referral form by clicking this link.

When complete please fax to the central referral portal on 0121 210 3369  where an appointment will be allocated to the appropriate service location.

Contact Us

Tel: 0121 466 6110 

or - 0121 466 6118  


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