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MSK Physiotherapy service restoring post-COVID but still at reduced capacity. Please refer as normal

The MSK Physiotherapy Team is returning from another redeployment, providing system-support to inpatient and community teams during the recent Omicron CV-19 surge. As such and in order to comply with COVID-secure risk assessments in our clinics, we are still operating at reduced capacity.

Referrals are being accepted as normal however, and we will do our best to see patients as soon as we can.

Physiotherapy appointments are being provided both face-to-face and in a remote capacity using Attend Anywhere as our video consultation platform.

As case rates and hospital admissions reduce, we aim to restore capacity to normal, pre-pandemic levels as soon as we can however, the situation is changeable and will depend on the latest advice from the NHS and instructions from the BCHC NHS Foundation Trust executive team.

(Updated: 02/03/2022)

Useful links:

For video consultation information please click the following link : Attend Anywhere

Click here for the latest NHS Coronavirus advice.

For advice on keeping active and for information on how to self-manage musculoskeletal conditions please see:

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Versus Arthritis.

Alternatively, please see our 'patient resources' page (link at bottom of page)


The musculoskeletal physiotherapy service offers patients across Birmingham a wide range of expert assessment and treatment options. Utilising specialist skills, the team works together to provide comprehensive patient-centred treatment. This is based on current, up-to-date research that empowers patients to improve their musculoskeletal health and facilitates prompt return to function, work or sport. 

Physiotherapy helps patients with restoring movement and function of limbs and muscles when affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help in the management of long term conditions; empowering patients to effectively self manage their symptoms and remain independent.

As part of our commitment to providing accessible healthcare the service offers extended opening hours between 7am and 8pm. We are an adult service and see patients of 16 years old and older.

Some of the common conditions we can help with include: 

  •          Osteoarthritis
  •          Joint and muscle pain
  •          Back and neck pain
  •          Musculoskeletal injury

Physiotherapists maintain health by helping patients to manage pain and prevent further problems. It is likely that as part of your physiotherapy treatment you will be given a rehabilitation programme to complete at home. Exercise and activity is important to help your muscles and joints remain strong and resilient. 

As part of our service we also run a number of group treatment sessions that, if appropriate, your physiotherapist may refer you into. These include: 

·         Back Skills

·         Pilates

·         Balance class

·         Escape Pain class for osteoarthritis

What to expect from Physiotherapy

You will first be assessed by a physiotherapist to identify the nature of your problem. It would be preferred that you wear loose, comfortable fitting clothes and also to bring shorts and/or vest-tops to change into when expecting assessment of a back, hip or shoulder problem respectively. Please be aware that it is possible to feel some discomfort during and/or shortly following your assessment but this will be kept to a minimum.

It can take 3 months or more for your symptoms to improve. If you are concerned about your symptoms you can phone us on 0121 466 7600 (option 4) and leave a message with the Central Booking Staff and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What your physiotherapist would expect from you

Try to be on time for your appointments as being late may limit your assessment and treatment time.

Commitment to your rehabilitation programme. Your physiotherapist will guide you on how best to complete this.

Student physiotherapists 

We are a team committed to excellence and education and will often have student physiotherapists working alongside us. With this in mind, you may be asked if you are willing to be assessed by a student physiotherapist during the course of your treatment. Please be aware that the students work under the close supervision of an experienced physiotherapist but you may opt to be seen by a qualified member of staff at any point.

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For all MSK Physiotherapy appointments/cancellations, please do not contact the health centre directly, please call 

0121 466 7600 
(8am – 4pm)

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