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The Central Booking Service was set up in March 2010 in order to offer parents and carers of children and young people a choice of appointment date and location and to help reduce the number of wasted clinic appointments. The service books most of the Community Paediatricians (doctors clinics) which are held within community settings across the city.

Speech and Language Therapy assessment clinics  as well as clinics for Paediatric Physiotherapy and Paediatric Occupational Therapy for children and young people are also booked by the Central Booking Service.

Who is it for?

Children and Young People who are referred to either the Community Paediatric service, Speech and Language Therapy, Paediatric Physiotherapy and Paediatric Occupational services.

Who provides it?

The Central Booking Service receives the referrals for the Community Paediatrics Service and Therapy Services.  These referrals are then triaged by a clinician using the referral criteria to establish if the child or young person has been referred to the relevant service.

Community Paediatric referrals are part of the 18 week Referral-to-Treatment targets, which means that patients must be seen and treated within 18 weeks of the referral being received. This will also apply to Therapy Services with effect from April 1 2015.

Once the referral has been triaged, and if an assessment is required, a letter will be sent to the parent or carer asking them to contact the Central Booking Service to book an appointment.

If a referral is not appropriate for the service a letter will be sent back to the referrer explaining why the referral is inappropriate; any advice or guidance included from the clinician during triage will also be included in this letter.

Referral Process

Please complete the Children and Families Referral form for all services  and return it by:

and send to the Central Booking Service via:

Fax:    0121 466 3351
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Contact Us

Central Booking Service

Priestley Wharf 2
Holt Street
B7 4BN

From 1 November our new number changed to: 0121 683 2320

Fax: 0121 466 3351

Click here to download the PDF version of the Children and Families referral form for all services.

Click here to download the Children and Families Referral form for all services (Word document version).

Contact Information

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