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Regional Posture and Mobility Service

Frequently asked questions

A collection of services whose primary function is to work in conjunction with local wheelchair services, rehabilitation units and regional specialist services.

Common queries put to the Posture and Mobility Service

What clinics can be accessed through Posture and Mobility Services?       

Please refer to Services for full details. When the Regional Posture and Mobility Service receives your referral, it will be discussed in a multi-disciplinary team meeting and the relevant clinic type will be identified. This should then be explained to you at your appointment.



Who will I see at the appointment?

Depending on the reason for the appointment, the clinical team would typically include a specialist rehabilitation engineer (RE), specialist clinical physiotherapist and specialist occupational therapist (OT).  For more complex patients we have access to medical rehabilitation consultants who can review any medical conditions and guide the team towards improved outcomes for patients. 


From time to time we may have students in clinic to help with their development - we would always ask permission for this to happen.


Occasionally we try new devices such as specialist wheelchairs or seating which may require a company specialist representative to guide the prescription process and explain to the client and the clinical team the various options available with certain pieces of equipment. 



What happens in a clinical appointment?

There are different types of clinic appointment, so what will happen can vary.  It should have been explained to a patient, main carer, or key worker why the referral was sent in the first instance.  Our clinic types are:

  • New referral - a full clinical assessment of the patient needs, goals, medical condition and prognosis to identify what will give the best functional or postural outcomes. 
  • Handover - takes place to fit equipment, demonstrate use, answer any questions and generally ensure kit is appropriate and meets goals.
  • Review - takes place to follow up the equipment handed over to ensure it is meeting goals identified at the initial appointment and whether any modifications are required.  



What happens after the clinic appointment?    

This is usually planned during the clinic and explained so that you can be ready for the next stage.  You should receive an appointment letter informing you of the next appointment in good time.


Posture & Mobility Services write a report to your local wheelchair service (and usually to your GP) after each appointment detailing key points discussed in clinic, with recommendations where equipment is needed.  It is the local wheelchair service who fund any equipment or assessments so we seek their agreement before purchasing anything.

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