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Adults' Services

Single Point of Access

0300 555 1919: 24/7 phoneline

About our service

The single point of access helps professionals arrange the right care for urgent and non-urgent referrals, helping to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and effectively manage long-term conditions in the community.

Urgent calls will be dealt with by a senior nurse - direct professional to professional contact.



Who can be referred?

Any patient registered with a Birmingham GP can be referred, provided they are aged 18 or over and:

  • at high risk of an avoidable admission and in need of urgent assessment

  • require non-urgent nursing or therapy services in their own home

  • require management of complex long-term conditions; palliative/end- of-life care in their own home.



Who can refer?

The single point of access welcomes referrals from:

  • GPs and practice nurses

  • GP out-of-hours service

  • A&E and other hospital staff

  • community health and social care services

  • ambulance crews

  • nursing and residential care homes

  • patients and carers known to the service.



What services are provided?

The single point of access is supported by a comprehensive model of community care, which proactively supports patients in the community as the preferred action. The multidisciplinary teams include:

  • senior nurses with advanced clinical assessment, diagnostic and prescribing skills
    care staff

  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy support

  • social workers

  • registered mental health nurses.


The single point of access can co-ordinate care delivery including:

  • advanced assessments within two hours for patients needing urgent health interventions and care who can remain at home

  • access to acute bed bureau for medical/surgical admissions

  • step-down to community nursing for longer term needs

  • four-hour response for patients needing district nursing care, long-term condition management and treatment at home

  • provision of urgent equipment to avoid acute hospital admission

  • admission to community bed-based services, where appropriate

  • intravenous antibiotics

  • assessment for domiciliary therapy (physiotherapy and occupational therapy)

  • liaison with patient’s GP to effectively manage clinical care at home and the wider health and social care system.

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