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We are BCHC

We provide a wide range of integrated community, specialist rehabilitation and dental services in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands region.

We are BCHC



Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – known as BCHC – and its 5,000 staff are dedicated to delivering the best care they can to those using our services, and to helping build healthy communities.


The team deliver more than 100 different NHS services for people of all ages – from birth through childhood and adult life to older years.


BCHC provides core community health services for the 1.1 million people of Birmingham and also a range of specialist rehabilitation and dental services for the 6.5 million people across the wider West Midlands region.


BCHC colleagues are focused on delivering safe, high quality care, working across a range of locations including people’s own homes, community clinics and hospital settings. BCHC actively works in integrated style with a range of partner organisations across health and social care, and promotes equitable access for all to NHS services.



About us


Our patients and their carers and families are the reason we're here, so we want to hear your views about the Trust and our services.