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Rehabilitation Services

Young Adults Specialist Clinic

Helping young people with a physical disability address the many issues they may encounter as they move from child-centred health care systems to adult ones.

About our service

The aim of the clinic is to help young people with a physical disability address the many issues they may encounter as they move from child centred health care systems to adult ones.


Some of these issues are around care needs, accessing services or education, being more independent, exercise programmes to maintain health or knowing when and how to see a Consultant or your GP.  The young adult’s team will help you identify these areas and work with you on identified goals.



Who is the service for?

Any young person aged 16 and over, with a physical disability who can identify transitional needs.



Referral Process

You can be referred by a wide range of professionals or you can refer yourself.

  • Your GP
  • Your Paediatrician
  • School or college staff.
  • Any health professional
  • Social Worker
  • Yourself
  • Members of your family


As we need some information about diagnosis a medical update may be requested from your GP.


Specialist Rehabilitation Clinics referral form


After we have received your referral, if you meet our inclusion criteria, an appointment will be sent to you in no more than 18 weeks. The appointment will be at West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre.


For those pupils who are leaving at the end of the school year we have some school clinics at Victoria and Wilson Stuart Schools (Birmingham).



What will happen in the clinic?

On a first appointment you will be seen by members of the Young Adult’s Team:

  • Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist

We will carry out a full general assessment of your needs mostly by asking questions and discussion about such things as:

Any past or current medical problems

  • How you manage at home
  • Your present and future plans such as college, employment, hobbies, and interests
  • How you mobilize and any physical problems (a physical assessment may be carried out)
  • What goals you have and what action is needed to help you
  • How you feel you are coping with doing new things

You may want someone to come with you or you can be seen on your own if you prefer.

The first assessment is up to an hour long and review assessment up to half an hour.



What happens after the assessment in clinic?

A letter is written to the person who referred you to us and a copy is sent to your GP and you, this outlines areas of need or problems and actions to be taken.


Further assessment by Speech and Language Therapist or Psychologist or a more in-depth assessment by one of the team members you have already met may be indicated. One of the team may see you individually to work on your goals at your home or in the centre. We may refer you to other clinics or services at the West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre or local services.


Further appointments will be offered to review your progress, when your goals have been reached or we are unable to help you anymore you will be discharged.



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