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Birmingham and Solihull Community Care Collaborative

Vision Aims and Objectives

Right care, right time, right place for the people of Birmingham and Solihull

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Community Care Collaborative infographic

Community Care Collaborative infographic (pdf version)


The Vision 

‘To deliver integrated care in localities and neighbourhoods to support people to live well for longer’.



Our aims and objectives

The overarching aim of the Birmingham and Solihull Community Care Collaborative is to work with and in communities, localities and neighbourhoods to deliver more holistic, integrated care.


It aims to make it easier for Birmingham and Solihull residents to:

  • access the care and support they need, when they need it
  • support more people to live well in their homes and communities
  • create space and time for clinicians and professionals to provide better care and to have a greater focus on prevention and addressing inequalities.


The collaborative brings together a range of service providers to deliver integrated care for all ages, with decision-making driven by what matters most to people and communities.


Our CARE approach is designed to help us identify and take action to address inequalities in provision of existing services and make better use of our collective resources.

  • Connected – removing barriers, working together in local places;
  • Accessible – making it easier for people to access the care the need, where and when they need it;
  • Responsive – providing proactive, personalised care;
  • Empowering – supporting everyone to live a happy, healthy life.


The collaborative will act as an influential voice on behalf of community-based care within the system and to foster strong connections between providers. Anticipated benefits include:

  • improved productivity and efficiency, though reducing duplication of services and more ‘joined-up’ care;
  • addressing historic inequities of service provision;
  • impact on demand to services, through the focus on prevention and early invention;
  • addressing workforce challenges, through building new roles and skills and developing new careers, increasing flexibility and opportunities for our staff, and widening participation.


The responsibilities of the collaborative will be part of the Birmingham and Solihull system response to NHS England’s ‘Next Steps for Integrated Primary Care’ report (2022) - streamlining access to care and advice; delivering proactive, personalised care; and helping people stay well for longer.



 Work Programmes

The initial three-year focus of the CCC will be across five workstreams:

  • Integrated teams in neighbourhoods and localities – embedding our locality operating model.
  • Intermediate care – establishing a ‘home first’ intermediate care transformation programme including urgent community response, virtual wards and remote monitoring.
  • Long-term conditions – improving pathways, self-care and prevention.
  • Supporting primary care development – delivering the Birmingham and Solihull Enabling Primary Care Strategy and delivery of the Right Access First Time (RAFT) programme.
  • Children’s community services – scoping the inclusion of services for children, young people and families in the work of the collaborative.


The collaborative’s role will differ between work programmes in order to best deliver outcomes - from lead provider, where the collaborative is the owner and integrator of a programme; to programme enabler, where the collaborative plays a convening and co-ordinating role.

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