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Assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment for children and young people where there are concerns regarding a child’s development.


Welcome to the Community Paediatrics website.  The Community Paediatrics team sit within the Children’s Division who are part of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.


On this site you will find information for parents/carers along with information for professionals wishing to refer into the service.  You will also find links to other websites that will also offer you valuable information.  

Rahul's story

Rahul's story


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Fourteen-year-old Rahul Bolina was first introduced to the community paediatrics service as a three-year-old when he was diagnosed with severe autism and learning difficulties.


From day one, the support he and his mother, Harmit Bolina received was impeccable, as she explains: “when Rahul was diagnosed I had never heard of the condition before, and trying to get my head around it all proved to be quite difficult, but thanks to the endless support and resources provided to me by the service, I was able to learn how Rahul will develop as a person and how I, as a parent, could help him along the way. The Early Bird Course, organised by the Autistic Society really helped with this, giving me chance to gain a greater understanding of Rahul’s condition. The sleep counselling programme organised by the community paediatric service was also great in expanding my knowledge on bedtime routines. 


“The care we’ve received has been excellent, whenever I come across a question or concern, all I’ve had to do is call, and if the team don’t have a response themselves, they will go above and beyond to find an answer or put us in contact with someone who will know."


“What they have done for myself and Rahul over the years has been fantastic – they truly are a god send. The knowledge and compassion the team have shown us is incredible. Everyone within the service have understood me and interacts with Rahul which gives me peace of mind."

“Thanks to the service, I have been able see to Rahul learning, growing and communicating in his own way. I’ve been able to learn how to appreciate the small things such as blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, and it’s been even better knowing that the service has been able to follow his journey and support him in becoming the teenager he is today.”


If you are waiting for a new or a follow up appointment and you are concerned about your child’s health please contact your GP, call 111 or 999 if an emergency.

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