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Children's Complex Care

About Us

The children’s complex care team provides one-to-one, respite and palliative nursing care for children, young people with life-limiting and long-term conditions in the home, education or respite settings. It is for children, young people registered with a Birmingham GP, aged 0 to transitional age

The service consists of the short calls team and main care packages team.

How do we help?

We assist children, young people and their families/carers with:

  • respiratory support that includes oxygen therapy, tracheostomy care management and ventilators;
  • nutritional care for example gastrostomy and nasogastric tube management;
  • administering various medications;
  • general care to meet personal hygiene needs and maintain dignity;
  • sharing professional and evidence based advice with the child, young person and families/carers in areas of prevention, therapeutic, and rehabilitative healthcare.


Head of Service - Hannah Lewis

Interim Service Manager - Caroline Moore

Interim Clinical/Assurance Lead - Deb Greer

Clinical Lead - Jez Jones

Complex Care Office number - 0121 245 5779 Monday – Friday  8am - 4pm

Complex Care on-call service providing emergency advice for families between the hours of 4pm and 8am Mon - Thurs and 4pm Fri to 8am Mon.

Who do we work with?

Various professionals that include GPs, Community Children’s Nurses and Palliative Care Team, Medical Devices Coordinator, School Nurses and Social Services.

When is the service available?

The team operates 7 days a week for care packages 08:00-16:00, night care 21:00-08:00, short calls care 06:30-21:00 and an On Call Service for children, young people and their families that require emergency advice.

Who delivers the service?

The service is delivered by a clinical team comprising of Healthcare Assistants and Registered Children’s Nurses with experience in caring for children, young people that have complex healthcare needs.

Aims of the service:

  • to deliver individual, high quality, compassionate care that meets the healthcare and supportive needs of children and young people with complex conditions;
  • encourage children, young people and their families/carers to be involved in the planning of care through informed decision-making;
  • a commitment to deliver research-based care to ensure the competence of healthcare staff;
  • act as an advocate to ensure the voice of the child, young person and their families/carers is always heard in collaboration with other health and social care professionals.

How can a referral to the team be made?

 Referrals for a continuing care package need can be made by a range of Professionals including GPs, community children’s nurses and palliative care team, school nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals to the continuing care commissioners for assessment. Referrals cannot be made directly to the team.