BCHC staff treating an adult patient


Inpatient Services

Ann Marie Howes Centre

A 32-bedded short stay inpatient unit for adults aged 18 and above.

About our unit

Ann Marie Howes Centre is a 32-bedded short stay inpatient unit for adults aged 18 and above.


There is a criteria for admission and the referring hospital will liaise directly with the unit, ensuring a seamless handover of care. We work within the discharge to assess [D2A] model  with an average length of stay of approximately 2 weeks but it may be less, if a patient no longer needs Inpatient care.


Within this short time frame, our multi disciplinary team of clinical lead nurse, advanced clinical practitioner, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacist and health care assistants make every effort to help patients maximise their potential, in order to regain independence where ever possible. We have a Doctor on site Monday – Friday with on call cover at weekends.



What should patients expect when they arrive?

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapist and nurses will assess soon after admission, and together with the patient identify goals to achieve during their stay. Therapy assistants and healthcare assistants will also support and continue those programmes, encouraging independence throughout the day and night where applicable.


A medical consultant visits the unit on a regular basis, and transport to clinic appointments at Heartlands or QEH is arranged, as appropriate.


We have housekeepers and domestic staff who ensure nutritional needs are catered for and the cleanliness of the environment is always of a high standard.



When should a patient expect to return home? 

Planning to go home is always a priority and an estimated discharge date will be given shortly after admission, but this a guide only, so if goals are achieved sooner or no progress made, this will be adjusted accordingly. As soon as it is identified that a patient no longer requires Inpatient care, then discharge will be facilitated.


Throughout the stay, staff will help the patient and family/carers to prepare for discharge, and if on going rehab or care is needed at home, with consent, we will make referrals to the necessary agencies. We will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition from AMH to home or into a 24 hour care facility if that is what is required.


We are proud of the service that we offer at Ann Marie Howes, and want to make the experience as positive as possible. We aim to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment where patients' dignity and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.




Please note that we are in the process of updating the information contained in the Ward Welcome Packs.  We are not able to wash personal items of clothing.  There are washing baskets or lockers in the patient’s room or bed area and it is important that relatives/friends check this regularly for dirty washing as this will have to be taken to be washed.  The dirty washing will be placed in red (Alginate) bags that can be placed straight into a washing machine and will dissolve during the washing cycle.

If there is a problem with washing personal items please speak to the Nurse in Charge.



Information for visitors

Your relative /friend is going to be with us for a period of time and there is some information that you will find useful.


We encourage open visiting and only ask that you avoid mealtimes: 

  • 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm
  • 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm.


This allows people to have their meals without interruption as nutrition is a vital part of their health, wellbeing and recovery from illness.


If you are a carer you may have been involved in the admission process but if this did not happen and you feel that there is any information that we need to know about your relative/friend that would be of benefit to us please speak to a member of staff.


We have a small car park that is mainly used by staff but we do have ample parking on the road outside of the unit.


There is disabled parking next to the entrance of the building.



The centre is on the following bus routes

  • 17, 72 , 169 & 168



Useful contact numbers

  • Reception: 0121 675 2030
  • Matron: 0121 675 2046
  • Administrator: 0121 675 2028




We are not able to wash personal items of clothing. There is a washing basket in the room and it is important that relatives/friends check this regularly for dirty washing as this will have to be taken to be washed.


If there is a problem with washing personal items please speak to the Nurse in charge.



Infection Control

Please help us to stop the spread of infection.

  • Please use the hand gels available at all entrances and exits.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet.
  • Do not visit if you have had diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 48 hours
  • You are welcome to ask a member of staff if they have washed their hands.




Whilst at Ann Marie Howes your relative/friend may have an appointment at the hospital or elsewhere. You may be asked to transport or accompany them to this appointment.



Compliments or concerns.

We want to provide the best service we can. If you have any compliments or concerns please speak to a senior member of staff.



Our patients and their carers and families are the reason we're here, so we want to hear your views about the Trust and our services.