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Nutrition and Dietetic Services

Children's Nutrition and Dietetic Services

We provide nutrition services across Birmingham for conditions including diabetes, malnutrition, stomach and digestive problems, allergies, food sensitivity and obesity.

About our services

Within Birmingham Community Nutrition we provide 2 different children’s services:



Startwell is a childhood obesity prevention programme. It is based around 8 key messages to support Early Year’s settings in Birmingham, parents and health professionals, to create a healthier environment for our children and families. Startwell is an award programme; Early Year’s settings are supported through training, workshops, in house setting support and email/ telephone support.


Paediatric Team

The Paediatric team are Registered Dietitians, Dietetic Assistant Practitioner and Nutrition Nurse who provide dietary advice to children and their families referred to the service with nutritional problems.  Paediatric Dietitians are specially trained to provide specialist nutritional care and promote healthy eating to infants, children and adolescents. The team work closely with other multidisciplinary services to ensure holistic care. Appointments with the Paediatric Dietitian / Assistant Practitioner are available in community settings across Birmingham including Health Centres, Child Development Centres, Special Schools and the child's home.

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