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Ann Marie Howes Centre

Who is the unit suitable for?

Ann Marie Howes is a 32 bedded unit, for adults aged 18 and above who would benefit from a short period of rehabilitation following illness or injury.

There is a criteria for admission, and the referring hospital will liaise directly with the unit, ensuring a seamless handover of care.

Our multi disciplinary team of clinical lead nurse , advanced clinical practitioner,nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacist and health care assistants make every effort to help patients maximise their potential, in order to regain independence where ever possible.

What should patients expect when they arrive?

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses will assess soon after admission, and together with the patient identify rehab goals to achieve during their stay. Therapy assistants and healthcare assistants will also support and continue those programmes, encouraging independence throughout the day and night where applicable.

A consultant from Heartlands Hospital visits the unit on a regular basis, and transport to clinic appointments at Heartlands or QEH is arranged as appropriate.

We have housekeepers and domestic staff who ensure nutritional needs are catered for and the cleanliness of the environment is always of a high standard.

When should a patient expect to return home? 

Planning to go home is always a priority and an estimated discharge date will be given shortly after admission, but this a guide only, so if goals are achieved sooner or no progress made, this date will be discussed with the patient and may be adjusted.

Staff will help the patient and family/carers to prepare for discharge, and if on going rehab or care is needed at home, with consent, we will make referrals to the necessary agencies , such as community physio or social services for an assessment by a social worker for support at home.

We are proud of the service that we offer at Ann Marie Howes, and want to make the experience as positive as possible. We aim to provide a safe, clean and friendly environment where patients' dignity and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

Contact Us

Intermediate Care Rehabilitation Unit
Ann Marie Howes
20 Platt Brook Way
Sheldon Heath
B26 2DU

Clinical Lead Nurse: Rebecca Halford

Telephone numbers:

0121 675 2030

0121 675 2047

0121 675 2049

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Visiting times: 11am – 8pm but visitors are kindly asked to avoid meal times if possible.