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Primary Care Service

Primary Care

The Primary Care Service aims to prevent and treat diet-related conditions by working with patients, carers and other health professionals at health centres and clinics across Birmingham.  The service supports individuals with a wide range of conditions. 

Referral Information 

To refer to the Primary Care Service  please use our referral form, link below. The Primary Care Service currently accepts referrals from GPs and other Health Professionals. We require as much detail as possible to allow us to process the referral appropriately. The form can be faxed or emailed, for further information please contact us. 

Referral information 

Tel. 0121 683 2300

Fax. 0121 615 2908


The primary care service includes the following teams: 

General Dietetic Clinics 

We support and treat people with a range of conditions, from irritable bowel syndrome, heart health and malnutrition. We run a number of clinics in health centers across the city.  Patients may be seen here first then referred onto one of our specialist services. 

Patient Information Leaflet

Gastroenterology Nutrition Team  

Please refer to this page for more information: Gastroenterology Nutrition Team 

Maternal Health 

We run regular clinics at Birmingham Women's Hospital for those having their care here. We may also see people who meet our referral criteria in our general clinics if having their care at another hospital. 

Please use this link to access our maternal resources.

Specialist Diabetes Service 

Alongside Birmingham Community Nutrition, the Diabetes Specialist service supports individuals diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes in the community setting. It is a multidisciplinary service which involves consultant diabetologists, specialist nurses and specialist dietitians. The service provides several levels of support to include clinics and group education.  

Please refer to this page for more information:

Diabetes Service  

Specialist Weight Management Service

Please refer to this page for further details: Specialist Weight Management Service page