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Student treatment

Specialist, referral-based dental services delivered at Birmingham Dental Hospital and other community locations.

Student treatment

Unfortunately, due to high demand at present, the waiting time for an assessment is over 2 years and as such we will not be accepting any new patients for treatment by Undergraduate Dental Students. You might, therefore, prefer to register with a General Dental Practitioner for dental treatment. You can find this information via the NHS website or by contacting NHS England's Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233. 


Birmingham Dental Hospital provides a training environment for undergraduate dental students, postgraduate dentists, student hygienists, therapists, and trainee dental nurses, and regards research as part of its core business.


We want to provide the best care for our patients and we can only do this by engaging in internationally excellent research.  Our research programmes have a strong translational focus, being driven by clinical questions, and aim to provide novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to the most common oral and general health problems. We employ cutting-edge technologies within state-of-the-art laboratories to explore disease mechanisms, improve our understanding of pathogenic processes, and formulate new healthcare solutions based upon this new knowledge.


Our clinician-basic science partnerships provide broad expertise and allow us to exploit our findings through clinical trials of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.


For information about the University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry visit

  • Patients are required for the training of undergraduate dental students.
  • All undergraduate dental students are closely supervised by qualified dentists.
  • Student treatment will require more and longer (2-3 hours) visits than you may have previously experienced with a qualified dentist in general dental practice.
  • Treatment is available only in term-time*, Monday to Friday between 9am–5pm when your allocated undergraduate dental student is available.
  • Typical term-time dates are:
    • Late September to Early December
    • Late January to Easter (two weeks of no student activity during Easter)
    • Easter to Late July
    • *You must be available to attend multiple appointments during the daytime.
    • *Undergraduate dental students will have limited appointment availability.
  • Patients are required to attend for assessment to be screened for suitability for care by undergraduate dental students. If you are not suitable for any reason to be treated by undergraduate dental students, then treatment will not be offered.
  • If your treatment becomes more complex and is unsuitable for undergraduate dental students, you may be asked to obtain your future treatment at a general dental practice rather than at Birmingham Dental Hospital.
  • Treatment is provided free of charge.


Please read and accept the conditions of the Patient Responsibility Agreement if you would like to be considered for treatment by an undergraduate dental student, please download and complete the  BDH self-referral form and email it to Once received and processed, a screening clinic appointment will be provided. Screening clinics take place throughout the year.


Please remember that requests for treatment are not always accepted and that emergency treatment cannot be provided at your initial assessment visit.


Emergency dental treatment will not be provided by undergraduate dental students out of term-time and out of hours.


The following treatments are not provided by dental students.

  • Dental implants and/or treatments associated with existing dental implants 
  • Tooth whitening
  • Repeated and complex root canal treatment
  • Complex crown and bridge work
  • Complex gum problems
  • Patients requiring hospital transport
  • Patients unable to cope with long appointments
  • Patients with complex medical histories
  • Patients requiring treatment under sedation
  • Patients unable to give independent informed consent

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